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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Home alone for the first time ever!

I just returned from getting my daughter settled in at UVa. It is so gorgeous there!!!! She is going to have an amazing experience. It was great having my son there. He drove most of the way there and back and also carried the heaviest luggage and refrigerator up four flights. It was nice that he was able to see the campus and get a feel for the area H will be living. He and I also got to spend time together touring Monticello (I had already been with H last year) and James Monroe's home. The rowing coach had a bar-b-que picnic at his home for all the rowers and parents of freshman recruits. He seems like a really nice, interesting guy. His wife is also wonderful. She offered any of the girls to come hang out at her house anytime they get homesick - a hugh reassurance to those of us who are worried about our babies being off all alone. One of the girls is from New Zealand, three from Canada, a couple from Washington, on from Kansas, the rest from the east coast - so many are too far to go home very often.

It is really weird having an empty house to come home to. I think that Charlottsville would be a lovely place to live, but I think that it would be better for H to be off on her own... Also, though I really like the job I now have, what do I really want to do? Should I take a painting class? French classes? Spanish? I dread the idea that I have all this free time now and may possibly still not get anything accomplished.