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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I've been thinking of directions ever more... Helen really is graduating this coming Sunday and will be leaving for camp June 5! I was thinking about attending the Quaker church in town last Sunday instead of my usual Methodist one, but woke up with a Migraine. Again. Then in the afternoon, at the high school, there was a christian service for the graduates (baccalaureate). The "Friends" church preacher was the one chosen to speak! And his whole speach was DIRECTIONS! Could I have been run over by a larger bus? But, have I contacted them? NO. Maybe it's why I've felt so blah lately...

Last week, I had an MRI done of my head. Some doctor who I never met and who hardly speaks English called to tell me that there is a 2mm "something" in the left side of my head that could be causing the migraines, but then he said that it probably isn't anything to worry least that's what I think he said. Why didn't my doctor call? Why did they have someone who doesn't speak English well try to relay those kinds of results to me?

1. The taxing district re-appraised my house - I don't know how I'm going to pay more taxes...
2. The house has termites - OK, not anymore (I hope), but still have to deal with the damage...
3. The 5 year old Maytag dryer fell apart - yes, the fins on the inside of the drum actually fell off!
That is three - won't it stop now!!!!!!!

It is nice that my cousin offered to send her husband over to look at the dryer! And it's nice that somebody thinks that my termite infested house is worth lots - but I have to live somewhere and apartment rent isn't much less expensive than the note (not including taxes...hummm). Texas property taxes are a mess.

None of this seems coherent, but then neither do I feel that way.


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