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Sunday, May 07, 2006

What next?

I suppose that I'm just in one of those ruts in life. This past Saturday was our rowing clubs regatta. It was a really fun, well run event. Breff was there - he'd married last month on April 8th and now wears a gold band on his left hand with Celtic designs. His new bride did not come. I don't know which of them chose the band, but it is a perfect design for him. I know that I am not the right person for him, but can't help wondering why he seems not very happy. He says it is because he has yet to find work, but he never really worried about it before. It really shouldn't be any of my concern.

Even though for the last five months, I have the best job I've ever had, I've somehow managed to make it a not so nice environment to work in. I'm not even really sure how. I feel that I try to do what is best for the project, my department, and university. But other people misinterpret what I've said or what they've heard second hand. I acted in accordance to my supervisors requests, but somehow got blamed for doing the wrong thing. Perhaps I should only do what is in seems such an awful waste of resources, but I do not want anything like this to happen again ever.

While I was working on my daughter's graduation invitations this afternoon, we discovered a massive termite colony - in a picture hanging on the wall - then in the wall behind it!!!! GROSS!!!!

A really good cry would be so nice, but tears just won't come. I feel almost why does it have to be so hard. I have many blessings: my children (who are almost gone), a job(that has gone from being perfect to dismal in two weeks), a home (that is infested with termites) - many people have much less.


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