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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Almost Easter

Easter has always been my favorite holiday. Even though it isn't really a holiday - it's the greatest celebration there is. I like dying the eggs, having deviled eggs later, egg hunts, when I was a kid- waking up to see what the bunny brought to me, now - putting together baskets for my kids (even though they are grown, they tolerate this still).

I have always felt both overwhelmed at Christmas, then later, disappointed that expectations weren't met. My favorite Christmas was the year I took my kids snow skiing. We didn't do a tree, I only had a small something and a bit of candies for each of them. We woke up, they were surprised that "Santa" had managed to come there at all, we read a passage from the bible, prayed, then skied - our first white Christmas. It was peaceful and lovely.

For Easter, my only expectation ever was to have a new outfit for church and to be able to eat a chocolate bunnies ears. It always happened and it was good. Thursday evening, I went to service at church. Friday at work some mess happened, but I still felt peaceful and happy, not stressed out. Friday evening, the church had the "Jesus painter" come. It was so different from previous Good Friday worships - and so moving!

Since my parents are going on a cruise out of Galveston Monday morning, they are coming here for the weekend. I already have arranged baskets for my kids and parents! I've also invited a friend and her daughters to come for Sunday dinner. At dinner, we're going to have turkey and, of coarse, deviled eggs. Maybe one of them will even let me have a bite of their bunnies ears!


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